Mid-West Irrigation Services

We're your local water management experts in water supply, pumping, irrigation, filtration and storage. Mid-West Irrigation offers its customers highly personalised advice, access to industry-leading products and expert service.

Mid-West Irrigation Customers include Councils from the Central West (parks, gardens, pumping); Orchardists (design and installation of irrigation, pumps, filtration, pipes and fittings); Farmers and Graziers (stock water reticulation systems, house pumps, lawn and garden irrigation); Homeowners (lawns, gardens and tanks):

  • Agricultural, Horticultural & Viticultural Irrigation
  • Turf, Lawn & Garden Irrigation
  • Pumps, Systems & Solar Water Pumping
  • Poly & Steel Storage Tanks; Poly & Concrete Troughs
  • Stock Water Reticulation Systems
  • Filtration Systems, Equipment& Accessories
  • Pipe, Fittings & Accessories
  • Sprinklers, Controllers, TImers & Remote Monitoring
  • Advice, Survey & Design Services
  • Installations, Maintenance & Repairs
  • Extensive Retail Shop & Services for Pro and DIY
Mid-West Irrigation Services

Mid-West Irrigation Solutions

Our customers rely on our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff to get the most efficient water management solutions available. Because we live in and know our local conditions, Mid-West Irrigation provides you with advice, products and solutions that are suited to our region and local conditions. From large-scale projects to our extensive retail offerings, you'll find access to Australia's leading brands and products plus that all-important back-up service.

Mid-West Irrigation
Services at a Glance

Since 1992, Mid-West Irrigation has delivered industry-leading water management products & solutions across these main service areas:

Agricultural, Horticultural, Viticultural Irrigation

From large-scale projects to stock watering, on-farm, vineyards & orchards

  • Irrigation
  • Irrigation Design & Scheduling
  • Orchard & Vineyard Irrigation Systems
  • Drip, Spray & Micro Irrigation
  • Remote Sensing & Monitoring
  • Pumps & Pumping Systems
  • Filtration
  • Water Quality
    Testing & Analysis
  • Water Storage

Pumping Systems & Solar Water Pumping

We're a leading specialist in water supply, filtration, storage & solar pumping

  • Pumps, Pumping & Pressure Systems
  • Solar Water Pumping
  • Firefighting Pumps & Systems
  • Controllers, Timers, Remote Monitoring
  • Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Bore Pumping
  • System Repairs & Testing
  • Parts, Spares & Accessories
  • Domestic, Agriculture, Horiculture, Viticulture, Muncipal, Commercial, Industrial
  • Stock Water Pumps

Retail Shop &

Pro or DIY, you'll find Australia's leading brands & products

  • Extensive Retail
  • Systems, Parts, Spares & Accessories
  • Water Quality
    Testing & Analysis
  • Pump Sales, Repairs
    Installation, Parts
  • Firefighting Pumps & Systems
  • Pipe, Hose
    & Fittings
  • Water Tanks
    & Storage Systems
  • Pipe, Hose
    & Fittings
  • Valves, Flanges, Gaskets
  • Equipment & Systems Testing, Repairs & Maintenance
  • Pressure Tanks & Systems

Mid-West Irrigation

• Serving Orange & Central West New South Wales • Design • Survey • Installations • Maintenance • Repairs • Retail Shop • In-House & On-Site Services • Member Irrigear® - The Water Systems Experts

Mid-West Irrigation