Philmac Australia

Philmac Australia

Philmac Australia

You'll find a full range of Philmac products at Mid-West Irrigation.

Philmac proudly supply a wide range irrigation and water management products through Irrigear stores across Australia.

Philmac has been designing and manufacturing in Adelaide, Australia since 1929 and this continues today. We undertake extensive laboratory and field testing to ensure all our products last for generations.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Locally source and buy Philmac products and solutions from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management. Mid-West Irrigation a member of Irrigear® – The Water System Experts.

  • Compression Fittings – for rural & metric pipe
  • Threaded fittings - including hose fittings & pipe risers
  • Valves – Ball Valves, Non-Return and Foot valves
  • Float Valves – wide range of stock watering valves
  • Micro irrigation fittings
  • K-Line moveable irrigation systems
  • Screen & Disc filters
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Philmac Products

Philmac – proudly development and manufacturing products in Adelaide, South Australia since 1929.

  • Compression Fittings – Philmac offers an extensive range of high quality pipe fittings that are used to connect polyethylene pipe, or for the installation of components that allow control and measurement in your pipe system.
  • Threaded Fittings – Philmac threaded fittings are manufactured from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene material that prevents moisture absorption and maintains product dimensions. Their corrosion resistance provides a reliable and long life for the fitting.
  • Valves – Valves play an integral part in the performance, management and control of water quality, flow and pressure within a pipe system. Philmac has a valve to suit every application.
  • Irrigation – Irrigation ensures water delivery is done as efficiently and effectively as possible to its intended destination. Philmac’s quality range includes products that suit almost every application, from domestic watering, through to landscape and horticulture.

Philmac Solutions

Trusted, reliable and hard working.

  • Made from high quality materials
  • Innovative Australian design
  • Built to last for generations
  • Wide range of products for a variety of water management situations
  • Cost effective solutions
Philmac Australia

The connection you can trust.

Philmac distribution centres across Australia ensuring you have easy access to a wide range of irrigation and stock watering products.


Talk to the team at Mid-West Irrigation to find out more about Philmac range of products, parts and solutions which are right for your irrigation or water management project.



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